Kel Executive Services (KES) provides specialized consulting for event security.

The company assists clients in assessing needs, minimizing risk, logistical planning, securing permits, executive/performer protection, crowd management, budget planning, deploying resources and other event security requirements.


Services may include:

Our 25 year history in the festival industry has given us experience with the top security firms in North America. We will issue RFPs that cull out the right firms for your festival.

The best security work begins with advance planning. We prefer to work with your festival team in the early stages of planning. EVERY facet of a festival interacts with security. Early planning is the basis for a successful and incident-free festival.

The success of a festival is only guaranteed if the right people are in place at the right time. Our extensive festival knowledge helps us determine just what workers are needed to implement your plans.

As Director of Security, KES will solicit the best security companies for the specific tasks your festival requires. We will be certain these employees have the experience, licenses, insurance, training and skill level needed to provide the security you need.

KES top professionals will gather all the pertinent event security vendors and public safety officials for a 1-day intensive training session.  The group will define duties, practice “what-if” reactions to possible threat scenarios, and create detailed plans.

The entertainment and fan makeup of a particular festival can impact the security requirements. The site and associated municipal codes also determine the security parameters. KES professionals will make a specific threat assessment customized for your festival.

Each client receives a written security plan outlining the measures to be used at that particular festival. This will include emergency plans for such categories as weather, demonstrations, illegal substances, weapons, and other scenarios.

Festival promoters can call on KES to assist in determining exactly what type and number of workers are needed for the festival. We will assess factors such as the site, number of fans, nature of performances, local law enforcement, history of festival to determine the needs for a safe festival.

KES has a long track record of integrating private security with public law enforcement. We respect the local law enforcement and work from the early planning stages to coordinate and communicate with these officers.

We have tried-and-true methods of people and bag screening that will be customized to your festival entrancing plan. These methods are designed to create a safe festival while respecting the laws of search and seizure and the rights of fans.

Determine need for and position of CCTV.

Detailed written After-Action Reports are submitted in a timely manner with details about every phase of the security plan. These valuable reports assist promoters in their planning for subsequent festivals.